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V3 engineering enhancements driven by user feedback.


Increase Efficiency and Decrease Pain.

Kneel-It is a seated
kneeling creeper that provides the greatest support, mobility, and comfort out
of  all the alternatives.  Kneel-It makes your time on the job
easier, faster, and more productive all while providing the best ergonomic
support to prevent back pain.

Prevents Knee and Lower Back Injury

Kneel-It is essentially ergonomic knee pads on wheels with a seat which keeps you comfortable while you work, preventing knee and back pain from developing over time.

Fluidity in Motion

Kneel-It is the most versatile option giving you the best productivity at work. Kneel-It lets you move in any direction while keeping you close to the ground. With Kneel-It you can traverse uneven surfaces without any scuffs.

Strapless Knee Pads

With Kneel-It you can get up or down whenever you want without those painful straps. The knee pads are made with soft foam so you can spend hours on the job without needing to take breaks.

Tool Free Assembly

Assemble/disassemble Kneel-It without any tools. When you're done, simply fold it up into its compact, stowed configuration to take it with you to the next job.

Light and Durable

Weighing only 13.8lbs, Kneel-It is easy to take on the go. Despite its small size, Kneel-It is approved to support a user weight up to 370lbs.

V3 Engineering Enhancements

Based on the feedback we got from users we were able to improve several features as well as add new functionality:

Rotatable casters added to seat; switch between braking/rolling
seat configuration

Upgraded quick pin seat attachment method

Finger latch for seat removal upgraded

Increased seat comfort

Sliding Seat; adjust FWD and AFT

New color scheme

Incredibly Compact

Without any tools,
Kneel-It folds down into an easy to carry or stow away position.  When
you're done, just toss it in the bed of your truck or work closet.

Weight : 13.82 lb / 6.27 kg

Over my 35 plus years as an installer and now as a Union Rep, I have tested many products pertaining to the flooring installation industry, but Kneel-it by far is the best. There is no other product on the market that offers the kind of support, mobility, and comfort that Kneel-It does... I know your product Kneel-it is going to change many, many lives. I only wish Kneel-It was available for me in my early years!

Matt W, Flooring Union Rep

I am a 33 yr old stonemason have already felt my knees giving me problems related to my work, so I was interested to try out this product. What I loved... it took the weight and pressure OFF my knees, was comfortable for long periods of time, I can lean forward without it tipping, it's not annoyingly attached to me.

Meghan, Stonemason

Out of the box you can tell some serious engineering time and R&D went into this thing, this isn't just a knee pad on wheels there are plenty of those on the market. This is a step forward!

CJ, Mechanic